Alicia & Aaron Waters

Several years ago I was a hard working single mom of two amazing girls. I lived paycheck to paycheck and yet still worked sixty hours a week as a wedding and portrait photographer. This lifestyle wasn't very healthy or accommodating to spending time with my children.  When I was about to turn 40, something stirred within me desiring a lifestyle change to eat and live better.  That is when I found the It Works product line! I enrolled as a Loyal Customer as soon as I had the "extra" funds to do so and within three weeks my friends started asking me what was different! Everything was different! My waistline was smaller, my energy level was up and my skin felt so good! 
Then on April the 19, 2011 I took a leap of faith and my electricity bill money and purchased the distributor kit....what I didn't know is that I had just bought a dream, lifestyle change and an opportunity of a lifetime!  But what happened in reality was fear! I had just used the money to pay our power bill to buy wraps! I remember driving home for weeks and I would look at the doorbell as we drove up the driveway and pray "please still be on!"
Well I had set a goal to make an extra $600 a month.  That would change our life.  That goal was met and exceeded FAST! Seven months later I left the job I LOVED and was a full time It Works Diamond Distributor...a career that we ADORE! 
I am now married to my best friend Aaron Waters and our entire family enjoys together all that It Works affords us. 
We are looking now to buy a  new home and travel even more all debit free! 
All thanks to IT WORKS! 

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